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YouTube is better than reality TV. There’s something so entertaining about following people you don’t even know IRL. Maybe, it’s because they actually want us to tune in. They give us the sort of access that celebrities don’t and that’s what makes YouTubers so relatable. It’s not weird for you to know everything about your favorite vlogger: who they live with, what their bedroom looks like and even who they’re dating. It’s like you know them so well that even when they’re single, you end up totally shipping them with one another. The crazy part is that sometimes those ships actually become reality. People with the same interests sometimes tend to fall for each other, so it’s no shock that so many YouTubers have hooked up with other vloggers. Whether it was for the “clout” or for love, here’s a list of some recent YouTube couples.

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What does pansexual mean? It means you’re capable of being attracted to anyone, regardless of their gender identity. So this might include men, women, genderfluid and non-binary people. Model and actor Cara recently told Variety , “I always will remain, I think, pansexual.

Marilyn Monroe. Date Of Birth: 1 June Profession: Actress, model, and singer. Most Gemini Trait: Flirtatiousness.

After all, everyone has looked up their horoscope at least once. Geminis have birthdays between May 21 and June The Gemini zodiac is an air sign represented by twins. Why twins? It has to do with the constellation and a story in Greek mythology about two twin brothers — Castor and Pollux. Geminis are intellectual and expressive, they have a yearning for knowledge and love socialising! However, their restless personalities can make them quite indecisive and impulsive, and as a result they can be somewhat unreliable at times.

So how does the twin symbol fit into all of this? Well, one of the darker aspects of the Gemini personality is that they can be a little bit two-faced; meaning that they might have a tendency to lie, cheat, and manipulate for personal gain. The two-faced nature can also be interpreted as being empathetic and being able to see multiple points of view in an argument.

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We’re all used to the Hollywood “It” couples – the Brangelinas and the Kimyes. Do celebrities date normal people? Actually, yes, they do! C’mon, us normal people aren’t that bad, right? Dating celebrities is probably hard work, but comes with lots of perks as well.

Here are some awesome pansexual/sexually fluid celebrities you should “​Before I was actually successful, I’d always said I’ve always dated.

Asheville’s beautiful mountain seclusion has long lured many interesting people to reside here, as well as to visit, including famous artists and musicians. It’s also the birthplace of one of America’s most influential authors and world-famous singers. Just in the past few years, the following celebrities have been seen in Asheville enjoying all the Blue Ridge Mountains have to offer. Warren Haynes is a legend living in our own time.

He is currently the vocalist and songwriter for Gov’t Mule, and has been a long time member of the Allman Brothers Band as well as The Dead. Thanks to Warren Haynes, Asheville has celebrated the holiday season in a special way with national acts and local talent at the annual Christmas Jam for the last 20 years. In addition to being a Grammy-winning musician, Gladys also won a lot of fame with her acting career.

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Also, he’s been known to post videos with some old faves like Drake Bell and Miranda Cosgrove. What he uploads: Zac posts travel videos in a series called ” Off the Grid. What she uploads: Snooki does a little bit of everything on her channel!

United States About Youtuber Davey Wavey is a gay YouTuber who covers LGBT topics related to sex, relationships, coming out, dating, boys.

Everytime you don’t subscribe, a gay baby turns straight. Do it for the gaybies! Rhode Island, United States About Youtuber Davey Wavey is a gay guru and storyteller who entertains audiences with humor, sexuality and lots of gayness. Davey uses his platform to tackle important issues and gives a voice to the stories that need to be told. Canada About Youtuber Woah. Hi friends! So my name is DionYorkie and it’s about to get real so grab your fav snack and ignore all your responsibilities for a while.

United States About Youtuber Austin and Aaron Rhodes are fraternal twin brothers who became YouTube personalities after uploading a viral video in which they revealed to their father that they are both gay. United States About Youtuber Goooooodmorning. I make silly videos with my boyfriend.

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YouTubers are kinda known for sticking together in pairs, like beavers or barn owls. But this lot defied the Janyas and Zalfies of the world and set their sights on some more mainstream celebs Back in when the world thought Pez was moping over her split from Zayn Malik, it turns out that she was allegedly having a secret fling with Joe. They got pretty flirty pretty quickly and they decided to meet up, with that night going very well by all accounts.

In the days before Jack left the jungle we were all shopping him and Georgia Toffolo but it turns out he has secretly been dating Love Island Danielle for seven whole months. According to The Sun they were introduced by his brother Conor and were speaking on the phone the night before we entered the jungle.

and Perrie Edwards. Instagram.

We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. A concept created over 60 years ago explains our attachment to online celebrities. Others gush about her videos or ask about her family.

Sociologists Richard Wohl and Donald Horton originally coined the concept of parasocial interactions and relationships in to explain how audiences developed attachments to media figures. It boils down to one-sided affection: a person invests emotional energy and attachment in a media figure, and they develop a sense of kinship and intimacy that makes them feel as though they know the celebrity — even though the celebrity has no idea they even exist. Previous celebrities existed behind the one-way gate of television, but today, audiences can chime in on social media with questions, requests for future content, and opinions on what a creator produces.

High view counts generate more ad money and the potential for a trending spotlight; large subscriber bases ensure better visibility. There is more social interaction [than a medium like television], and I think creators want to have that, otherwise they would not do YouTube. They would do something else. Rasmussen thinks of the influence vloggers have on their community as a powerful tool. Viewers seeking the advice of their favorite beauty gurus do so because they trust their opinion.

After PewDiePie playfully addressed being overtaken by T-Series as the biggest channel on YouTube , his fans rallied and ran to their comments to fan the flames of feud.

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Sophie Turner: The Game of Thrones star has been open about her past love for vaping, even posting a shot of herself engaging in the pastime while shooting one of GoT ‘s final scenes last year. However, since her recent pregnancy , the actress has no longer been seen smoking. Dakota Johnson: That infamous Met Gala bathroom shot confirmed Johnson loves a cheeky cigarette here and then.

Though they’re super private with their relationship (their social media presence is almost non-existent), the couple have actually been dating.

Of all the people on YouTube, very few have proven to be lightning rods for controversy like Jeffree Star. After gaining notoriety on MySpace—in , he was the most-followed person on the gone-but-not-forgotten social media platform—the influencer born Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr. His rise to beauty mogul has been littered, however, with accusations of racist behavior, both past and present; accusations that he’s owned up to at times—”I don’t know who that person was,” he said in a video posted in as he attempted to contextualize video evidence of him using the n-word as a slur as the manifestations of anger and depression.

The accusations and rumors continue to haunt Jeffree despite or perhaps because of his enormous successes. And that’s something he and fellow influencer Shane Dawson , who knows a thing or two about causing controversial moments himself, addressed head-on during last year’s five-part docu-series The Secret World of Jeffree Star. During the series, in which Shane attempted to get a better understanding of the mysterious and rich AF life that Jeffree lives, the two spoke about the moments in Jeffree’s past, moments that he again attempted to recontextualize.

Normal People Who Scored Dates With Celebs With Social Media

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