On Kurdish Culture

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7 Things You Need to Know About Iraqi Kurdistan

Kurd , member of an ethnic and linguistic group living in the Taurus Mountains of southeastern Anatolia , the Zagros Mountains of western Iran , portions of northern Iraq , northeastern Syria , and western Armenia , and other adjacent areas. The Kurds are thought to number from 25 million to 30 million, including communities in Armenia, Georgia , Kazakhstan , Lebanon , Syria, and Europe, but sources for this information differ widely because of differing criteria of ethnicity , religion, and language; statistics may also be manipulated for political purposes.

The traditional Kurdish way of life was nomadic , revolving around sheep and goat herding throughout the Mesopotamian plains and the highlands of Turkey and Iran. Most Kurds practiced only marginal agriculture. The enforcement of national boundaries beginning after World War I —18 impeded the seasonal migrations of the flocks, forcing most of the Kurds to abandon their traditional ways for village life and settled farming; others entered nontraditional employment.

The prehistory of the Kurds is poorly known, but their ancestors seem to have inhabited the same upland region for millennia.

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The earliest studies on the Kurdish language and civilization, which date back to the late 18th century, were carried out by missionaries first by Italian Catholics and later by Anglo-Saxon Protestants. There he collected materials for his Grammatica e vocabolario della lingua Kurda , which was published in Rome in The first of its kind, it remained an important source of information on the Kurdish language until the end of the 19th century.

Six years later, he was named Apostolic Prefect for Mesopotamia and Kurdistan. During that period he wrote his Storia della Regione del Kurdistan , published in Naples in John into Mokri dialect of Kurdish. In the second half of the 19th century, evangelizing missionaries increased their presence in Kurdistan.

Kurdish culture

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Kurdish dating customs

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On Kurdish Culture. This communal influence contrasts with proper individualism of the Kurdish, where customs exist largely separate from our families. Kurds.

Subscribe in a reader. Do we mean the last five, eight or ten years? I can realize that Kurdish society has witnessed many changes. The change is so vast and includes dozens of giant companies from all the continents operating in various sectors in Kurdistan, such as education, health, transpiration, nutrition, agriculture, construction, and above them all oil and gas. Out of five giant oil firms three of them are in Kurdistan.

There is over 20 billion dollars Turkish investment and over 10 billion dollars of Iranian investment in the country, making it the most dynamic business hub ever for the neighboring countries. There are now 34, Westerners working in Kurdistan alone as well as numerous of Turkish, Iranian, Arab workers. Diplomatic changes: There are now over 20 official missions, most of which are consulates, some are commercial offices. And more seek to open an office soon.

The US consulate opened last year and besides other missions it issues visas to the Kurdish people.

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Kurdish Jews in traditional clothing at the Saharane festival. Via the Times of Israel. The Saharane festival was historically celebrated around springtime and is similar to the Newroz festival, which has Zoroastrian origins and is celebrated by diverse communities in western and central Asia to mark the beginning of spring and the blossoming of nature after winter. Saharane celebrations take place in various cities in Israel, with the biggest gatherings in Jerusalem drawing around 13, attendees.

Today, there are around , Jews living in Israel coming from Arab, Persian, Turkish and Kurdish lands, with the largest migration having taken place between and Currently, there are only around Jewish families remaining in what is modern Iraqi Kurdistan.

Love and marriage in Turkey

International Legal Protections. The U. A similar concern for protecting minority-language speakers from discrimination on the basis of language is found in the European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, which bars such discrimination with regard to all of the rights within its purvey, including the right to free expression. Sub-Commission on Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities, whose mandate specifically includes the protection of linguistic minorities, has been even more active in support of language rights.

First, it underlines the incoherent state responses to the issue of Kurdish naming gave signs of relaxing limitations on the expressions of Kurdish culture. point in state-Kurdish relations in Turkey, and it was after this date that the issue of.

In the breathtakingly rugged Turkish province of Hakkari, pristine rivers surge through spectacular mountain gorges and partridges feed beneath tall clusters of white hollyhock. This is not the actual wedding; the civil and religious ceremonies were performed earlier in the week. Not until after this party, though, will the couple spend their first night together as husband and wife. It will be a short celebration by Kurdish standards—barely 36 hours. Neither eating nor drinking plays much of a role at a traditional Kurdish wedding.

On the patio of a four-story apartment house, guests are served only small plates of rice and meatballs. Instead, the event is centered on music and dance. Hour after hour, the band plays lustily as lines of guests, their arms linked behind their backs, kick, step and join in song in ever-changing combinations. Children watch intently, absorbing a tradition passed down through generations.

The women wear dazzling, embroidered gowns. The Turkish military, which harshly suppressed this insurgency, would not have tolerated such outfits just a few years ago. These days, life is more relaxed.

Newroz as celebrated by Kurds

In Iraq, the lineage of names is passed through the male side of their family in Iraq. Children will be named after their father, grandfather, etc. Some may do so in Western societies, but it is not typical. Join over organisations already creating a better workplace.

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The Kurds, a group of approximately 18 million people, are the fourth largest ethnic group in the Middle East. Nowhere is their future more threatened than in Turkey where Kurds are one quarter of the population. Since World War I, Kurds in Turkey have been the victims of persistent assaults on their ethnic, cultural, religious identity and economic and political status by successive Turkish governments.

And while the Treaty of Sevres provided for an independent Kurdistan, it was never ratified. In the treaty of Lausanne created the modern states of Turkey, Iraq, and Syria, but Kurdistan was ignored. During Turkey’s war for independence, Turkish leaders, promised Kurds a Turkish-Kurdish federated state in return for their assistance in the war. After independence was achieved, however, they ignored the bargain they had made.

Months after the declaration of a Turkish republic, Ankara, under the pretext of creating an “indivisible nation,” adopted an ideology aimed at eliminating, both physically and culturally, non-Turkish elements within the Republic. These “elements” were primarily Kurdish and Armenian. A mandate forbade Kurdish schools, organizations and publications. Even the words “Kurd” and “Kurdistan” were outlawed, making any written or spoken acknowledgement of their existence illegal.

Kurdish Dating

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